Events in 1st decade 

▶ 1984, Yiyuan Energy-saving materials Co established

▶ 1988, Mr.Lu Chengbin was appointed to be director and successfully exploited the SLOF insulation market.

▶ In 1990, CBC - 1 needled blanket line was built, upgrading the equipment and product

▶ In 1992, LuYang finished the shareholding system reform


Events in 2nd decade 

▶ 1995, CBC-II line needled blanket put into operation.

▶ In 1996, Luyang was identified as the “China largest Aluminium Silicate Refractory Fiber Production Base”

▶ Successfully developed high-grade product--- zirconium fiber blanket, and won the title of "The National New Product"

▶ Luyang industrial park was set up after spending 3 years, a new Luyang was established.

▶ Successfully developed back-lining board, ceramic fiber paper, fiber textile and other deeply processing products

▶ Jul 7th 2000, the production line of ceramic fiber machine-made paper was put into operation

▶ Feb 2003, French expert Mr. Allen came to Luyang for technical communication The statement of sales income during 1994 to 2004

Events in 3id decade 

▶ Luyang’s stock was listed on the stock market formally at Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first listed company in this industry in China.

▶ The domestic production line was fundamentally complete. Subsidiary companies such as Xinjiang Luyang, Guizhou Luyang, Inner Mongolia Luyang were all built.

▶ Our company has been awarded many honors such as ‘National Technology Center’ and ‘National Laboratory’ in technology area.

▶ Successful development many world-class products, such as the Soluble Fiber, Pyro-Block and Microporous refractory board

▶ The imported rock wool production line with 50 thousand tons annual output was constructed and put into operation in 2013.

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