At 10:00am on May 13, 2015,the press conference of strategic cooperation projects for Luyang Energy-saving Materials Co.,Ltd. and Unifrax was held in Luyang Energy-saving materials Co., Ltd.

On May 7, 2015, Yiyuan County Nanma Street office collective assets management center and the Unifrax LLC formally completed delivery options, at this point, Unifrax LLC became Luyang company's largest shareholder, it marks the strategic cooperation projects of Shandong Luyang company and Unifrax LLC achieved the completed success, it has profound significance milestone in the development history of Shandong Luyang company. And in the respect of Sino-foreign cooperation and asset restructuring business for listed companies, it set a model for Shandong enterprises.

At the press conference, firstly speech by the chairman of Luyang Energy-saving Materials Co.,Ltd. Mr. Lu Chengbin. He said, with the strong support of various departments at all levels, in the unity of purpose of win-win cooperation, global focus and common development, after a year and eight months, the two sides through friendly and candid yet fruitful efforts, makes the strategic cooperation projects a complete success. Mr. Lu Chengbin expressed, to make hundred years Luyang, ten billion Lu Yang, and the world Luyang, has been the common dream from the bottom of Luyang people’s heart. Next we will be on the platform of new Luyang, coordinate closely, accelerate the upgrading of technical equipment and marketing network integration process, accelerate the pace of integration of advanced foreign management concepts, realize good synergy achievements, to become the benchmark of enhancing the regional economic outward level, and make new contributions for the economic development of Yiyuan County, for the vision of “Become the core competitive industry leader in the field of energy saving and environmental protection”to forge ahead.

Unifrax LLC Mr. Dave’s expressed in his speech: this completed success of the strategic cooperation project, it all has high degree of fit no matter in the development vision, social responsibility, or in the brand management and strategic planning. Next we two sides will conduct more depth of cooperation in technology, marketing, management and many other aspects, work together to achieve complementary advantages, and create a win-win situation.

Yiyuan County Nanma Street office, relevant department heads of Yiyuan County and the relevant representatives of Unifrax LLC and the parts of worker’s representatives of Shandong Luyang company attended the press conference.

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