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Typical Applications

The Application of Magnesium silicate blanket in the heat transfer industry

The heat transfer network of power industry is for following the “energy conservation and emission reduction” policy , to make the new construction power plant far away from the city. Trough using the new structure and products from Luyang, the range of the heat supply service rise from state standard 6-8 kilometers to 30 kilometers and with the low thermal conductivity of Magnesium silicate blanket, the temperature of the pipe low 4-6C /kilometer, this meets the demands of the market.

The application of Mircoporous board for the lining of industry furnace in the petrochemical and metallurgy industry
Mircoporous board is an new energy saving, thermal insulation material, it is self-developed products reaching international advanced level. Comparing with traditional ceramic fiber products, the heat insulation effect improve 3-5 times, decrease the insulation thickness 30-50%.After using the new structure of Mircoporous board in the ethylene cracking furnace , the surface temperature is reduced to below 70C, thermal efficiency raised up to 95%.

The application of Alumina fiber compound module in petrochemical and metallurgy industry

Alumina fiber composite module is kind of refractory fiber product which is self-developed by luyang. It resolves the application more than 1250 C and fill the domestic blank. Calculating as per 4x11.6m car bottom heating furnace, it can save the cost 1 million and 72 7 thousand RMB per year, reduce the CO2 emission 448 tons.

The application of Basalt rock wool slabs in building wall fireproofing and thermal insulation market

The new product Basalt rock wool board from Luyang is the A class incombustible material, which has the excellent fireproofing, heat insulation , sound absorbing and hydrophobic performance.
In the project of roof insulation for Brilliance BMW factory, our board shows excellent compression and hydrophobic performance; it can load the weight of the workers who construct and inspect on it and it ensure the roof has the long-term insulation, sound –absorbing and noise reduce performance. All the above win the highly regarded from the Germany Company which is famous for pursuit perfect acme.