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LuYbloc ® module is a blocky monolithic fiber module which is made from high-purity synthetic materials.It is manufactured in a fully automated control continuous production line using ceramic fiber bulk slabs.

LuYbloc ® module is installed with a new special H type anchor and special installation tools to ensure high extrusion between modules, convenient and quick installations, firm positioning and safe structures.


High fiber index, Low shot content, Fine fiber diameter, Low thermal conductivity

High temperature resistance, Low heat loss, High performance, Long service time

Multiple directions compression

It can be compressed in any direction, which can achieve full expansion of the installation direction in the furnace lining and good

thermal insulation.

Easy installation

It can meet the installation requirements of customers in various conditions.The unique production process makes the fiber flexibility

increase and easy to install.

Completed seamless structure

After calcination, the product is transformed into a high-strength, seamless and solid structure from a soft and compressible monolithic

block, which is high integrity and firmed.

Low shrinkage in high temperature

The cold surface of the product can be closely attached to the furnace wall to achieve maximum extrusion between blocks, ensuring low

shrinkage in high temperature and achieving structural integrity.

High strength: the product is formed into a hard block with a certain strength after calcination to enhance the resistance to airflow



It is suitable for extensive planar structures and also for cutting and installation of shaped parts. Various shaped products can be

manufactured according to the different shapes of the equipment. L-shaped corner module can be made to ensure that the corners are

seamlessly lined inside and outside.

Typical Applications

LuYbloc ® module can be used in various industrial fields for thermal insulation.

The main applied industries are as followings:

Petrochemical industry

Steel industry

Ceramics industry

Glass industry

Aluminum industry

Electric power industry

Typical Parameters

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