LUYBLOC® Module Grade 28

2020-03-31 20:12


LuYbloc ® Module Grade 28 is a composited module which is based on LuYbloc ® Module Grade 26 and alumina fibers.It is a patented product of Luyang.

The product is installed with a new special H type anchor and special installation tools to ensure high extrusion between modules, convenient and quick installations, firm positioning and safe structures.It is also can be installed with traditional anchor,such as angle iron anchor and rhomb anchor.

The hot surface is red and adopts alumina fibers. It can fully exert the high temperature resistance of alumina fibers,improving the using temperature and service life of the modules.

The cold surface is white and adopts LuYbloc ® Module Grade 26.It can be hardened at high temperatures and ensure structural robustness.

Based on actual applications of furnaces, the thickness of alumina layers in hot surface can be adjusted to meet different furnace temperature requirements.

It can provide better solutions for heating resistant and energy-saving problems of high temperature kilns above 1250℃ .

Typical Applications

LuYbloc ® module can be used in various industrial fields for thermal insulation.

The main applied industries are as followings:

Petrochemical industry

Steel industry

Ceramics industry

Forging industry

Foundry industry


Excellent thermal insulation performances

Excellent chemical stability

No crystal powders and no slags

High rigidity and light weight

Easy to install and firm structure

Good thermal shock resistance

Good airflow scour resistance

Typical Parameters

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