National Enterprise Technology Center

The enterprise technology center of Luyang was established in 2004, it was identified as a provincial technology center in 2007, and was indentified as a National enterprise technology center in 2012. Based on Chinese industrial economy and the industrial base of Shandong province industrial ceramics and building material, relying on the advantages of technology and manpower resources in Luyang, through independent innovation, industry-university-research cooperation, introduction of digestion, absorption and innovation model, the center has implemented the industrialization of various products, and have driven the technology progress and industries upgrading in the industry.

The technology center has more than 60 professional researchers, including 1 person awarded National Expert with remarkable contributions, 1 senior engineer with professorship receiving special government allowance of state council, two Doctors,22 Masters. Mr. Lu Chengbin, the director of technology center, also the president of Luyang, senior economist, vice chairman of China association of energy-saving insulation materials and Zibo NPC member. The center pays attention to communication and cooperation with external research departments; we have established good cooperations with many domestic and overseas universities.

Since the establishment of the technology center, it has undertaken 2 national torch program projects, 2 state's key new products projects, 9 provincial sciences and technology plans. It acquired 84 national patents and 3 Shandong technological progresses awards, and also in charge of 7 national standards and industry standard.s

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